Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tasty Brownie Recipe

I have mentioned before I did the whole NCT-antenatal-friend-making-thang... If I you didn't read it... I did the NCT antenatal course and made a bunch friends! These NCT ladies and I meet every Tuesday where we get together and one of ours houses and the hostess of the week will put on cake and tea and we swap stories and tips on everything from crack nipples to weaning nibbles. It's fab.
This Tuesday marked my turn in the hosting rotation. I have let the side down for my last couple of turns and disgraced myself with shop bought cakes... Fortunately they let me host a third time and I upped the ante with BROWNIES! 

So short post here are the brownies... 
And here is the recipe link!

(Worth mentioning if you're not familiar with BBC Good Food website that it's awesome! Hundreds of recipes and they seem to pitch a realistic skill level for me. Particularly a lot of healthy mid-week meal ideas.)

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