Saturday, 22 September 2012

Let's Get Autumn Happy!

I had held off for a couple of days. Steve always says I am a wimp with the cold (he's right) and I wasn't going to be the first to put the heating on. Lucky for me he's a total softie when it comes to a certain pink tiny person who lives with us. He caved. The heating is now officially on.

So summer ends and as I cracked open my winter wardrobe and the first of baby girl's fleecy bodysuits, it occurs to me that autumn is here. I'm not sad. I am ready for this. I love autumn. It's my favourite season, Steve's too. It's why we decided to get married in it.

Though I am aware I am not of the majority so I thought I would put together a little "Autumn Happy" inspiration;

  • Hot drinks are better appreciated in the cold
  • Cuddles are better appreciated in the cold
  • Hats
  • Stews, casseroles and roast dinner
  • SOCKS! How my toes appreciate their fluffy haven after months exposed to elements in flip flops
  • Being cosy
  • Euna will need an autumnal wardrobe...
  • The feel good factor related to wrapping her up all warm
  • Red wine
  • Walking in to a warm indoors from a cold outdoors
  • Custard
  • Cold but sunny days
  • Walking
  • Nights in feel more justified
  • Pies
  • No more weather disappointment, it's SUPPOSED to be cold
  • Leaves, bright red ones
  • Coat shopping
  • Entire days on the sofa
  • Rediscovering my faithful Uggs and marvelling in that they will last another year
  • Mittens
  • Films on Sunday afternoons
  • Conkers
  • The 100 additional calories you can enjoy daily on account of the cold
  • Enjoying 200 additional calories daily because your autumn clothes don't judge you like your summer ones do
  • Autumn crafts, most of which centre around maple leaves
  • Remembering the harvest festival from primary school
  • Wind burn
  • Leaving the thermostat too high and feeling practically naked walking around in a vest top
  • My wedding anniversary
  • The excitement of seeing our first autumn as a family, her first Autumn EVER, I love firsts

Anymore? What did I miss? I have just opened my comments up to be from ANYWHERE! So whoever you 100+ people are who are reading me EVERYDAY (thank you thank you thank you) let me know! Give me some Autumn Happy...


1. A lot of my autumn happy evolves around shopping. I need cash.
2. Firsts are exciting.


  1. Love this. I was thinking to myself yesterday that i have finally embraced Autumn!! Ones you have missed -
    Halloween! Bonfire nights! Lead up to CHRISTMAS!! Slippers and dressing gowns!! :D I love autumn photos, some of my favourites of the boys are from this time of year. So pretty! xx

  2. Oh yea I love autumn too. I like your happy list. Colourful leaves... yes ! And STEWS !!! Yes, I kind of forgot stews would be happening, and they're my favourite. Plus we are in the middle of re-doing the house a bit so this season will be full of fresh and new. Yay.
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)

  3. Ooo thanks for the blog hop linky! Good luck with your decorating! I LOVE decorating! Look forward to pics ;) x


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