Monday, 3 September 2012

Hoping to Write Away the Negativity

Yuck! Got some gloomy cloud of negativity hanging over me. Nothing big. Just stuff. Stuff I need to get over... I'm going to make it an early night soon and I've heard you should write down your worries before you go to bed, so here are mine...

1. Baby girl did so good on her food today she didn't breast feed as much. I hate that. This is a post on it's own but writing it will get me down and the short version is as natural as breast-feeding is... her moving on is just as natural and I just need to get to being ok with that.

2. Because of 1 I am very sore and uncomfortable.

3. The house is messy. It makes everything feel messy.

4. Squeezing these meals in is hard work. I am going to have to change the entire way I approach the day and it is going to rob me of some of the freedom I have enjoyed up until now.

5.  She's back to night feeds and she just went down too quickly. She ALWAYS wakes more if she goes down quickly. I don't get it, but that's what happens.

6. I'm mega tired.

7. I have a full on day tomorrow and I just want to chill out. Infact I have a full on week and I just feel like being lazy.

8. Baby girl has recurring nappy rash and I can't seem to track the source.

9. I am daunted by the responsibility of the weaning stuff. I hope I'm taking a good approach. I hope I can stay motivated enough to feed her proper, home cooked food.

10. I missed out on seeing some friends today and the weather was beautiful. Some sun would have been particularly good today.

There you go my top ten moans. Negative, negative, negative. Need to shake this.

Happy pictures help... Here's some happy...

^ Steve and "Crunchy Monkey" showing her how to crawl and I just love her face in the sitting one. She's just brilliant. 

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