Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scotland Photies Part 2

Busy busy busy! Busy and having a blog wobble = not a lot of blogging!

I'm in the process of developing a website for my photography and thinking about a blog for there and the future of LLM... New blog to incorporate both? Keep separate? Take LLM over to my new website? Everytime I think about I change my mind ten times! So whilst I procrastinate what's new?

Lots! Bow's started crawling this week and I can't tell you how excited we all are. It's just magic to start to see a real brother-sister relationship start to bloom. Seeing them really play together for the first time. See how much patience they have for each other. How they watch each other. How they know they're just supposed to be together. 

I'm excited too! Feeling really ready to come out of the babe-in-arms time and have fun with a crawler! New play, new games, new phase. For the first time I'm not mourning the end of an era with one of my babies! That's new...

Some more pictures from our week in Scotland...  

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dear Scotland

If it's any consolation I'm so happy you stayed. I'm an eighth Scot. Married to a Scot. Have fond memories of visiting my Great Grandma in Scotland. More good times were had shopping in Edinburgh. And just in general when I say "I'm British" a whole part of me is referring to you. I'm not thinking economically. I'm not thinking politically. I'm not thinking historically past my own timeline. 

I'm just thinking about me. I am British. You are Britain. Therefore I am a bit of you. So thanks for staying. 

Partially, though not insignificantly, yours

Charlie :)

Rather topically, here are a few of my snaps from Loch Lomond last week... Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Scotland...

Friday, 19 September 2014


I think that was my biggest blogging gap ever! HELLO! HOW ARE YOU?!

Apologies for the absence, we escaped up to a Scottish Loch for a wee break and were entirely logged off for the entire time on account of it being soooo remote we didn't even have a phone signal! But I'm BACK! About 2 stone heavier from too much good eating and drinking, totally pumped about to restart work on my new photography website, inspired after reading Caitlin Moran's "How to be a Woman" and totally buzzing to blog... Maybe even thinking some bigger blog changing ideas to tie in with my new website... Thinking about a Wordpress move... Experiences? Good links with tips? Throw them at me please! :D

Be back in a day or two with a MILLION pictures of moody Lochs under cloudy skies... :) 

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Happy back to school everyone! Did you survive? Celebrate? Weep?

On my first trip back to preschool with Euna I passed the school and all the parents coming out from drop off. Storming out ahead were a few suited up parents, marching, smart phones in hand, checking emails, on a mission to get to work because they'd already pushed their luck to see theirs off on the first day back. Then there were the groups of work-from-home and stay-at-home and part time worker mums who had a little more time to kill at that time of the morning. Huddled in groups. Somedays they scare me, because I have a few friends who struggle with the school-mum politics and I think how much I'm not looking forward to that drama. This week though they amused me... Walking past a spectrum of conversations...

"...and he just screamed 'YOU'RE NOT CUTTING MY HAIR!!! IT'S MIIIINE!!' and I just wanted to die. He's two? Since when does he care..."

"I told him it was a waste of money. I told him even if we could fit it in, we wouldn't use it. I told him  all this and..."

"...I for one am so worried about her."

"The things that man can do with a person sat on a chair!!"

Hilarious. Happy new year pupils and educators! Enjoy some butterflies a la Jimmy's Farm on me...  


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