Friday, 19 September 2014


I think that was my biggest blogging gap ever! HELLO! HOW ARE YOU?!

Apologies for the absence, we escaped up to a Scottish Loch for a wee break and were entirely logged off for the entire time on account of it being soooo remote we didn't even have a phone signal! But I'm BACK! About 2 stone heavier from too much good eating and drinking, totally pumped about to restart work on my new photography website, inspired after reading Caitlin Moran's "How to be a Woman" and totally buzzing to blog... Maybe even thinking some bigger blog changing ideas to tie in with my new website... Thinking about a Wordpress move... Experiences? Good links with tips? Throw them at me please! :D

Be back in a day or two with a MILLION pictures of moody Lochs under cloudy skies... :) 

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