Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scotland Photies Part 2

Busy busy busy! Busy and having a blog wobble = not a lot of blogging!

I'm in the process of developing a website for my photography and thinking about a blog for there and the future of LLM... New blog to incorporate both? Keep separate? Take LLM over to my new website? Everytime I think about I change my mind ten times! So whilst I procrastinate what's new?

Lots! Bow's started crawling this week and I can't tell you how excited we all are. It's just magic to start to see a real brother-sister relationship start to bloom. Seeing them really play together for the first time. See how much patience they have for each other. How they watch each other. How they know they're just supposed to be together. 

I'm excited too! Feeling really ready to come out of the babe-in-arms time and have fun with a crawler! New play, new games, new phase. For the first time I'm not mourning the end of an era with one of my babies! That's new...

Some more pictures from our week in Scotland...  


  1. Great photos. I love the family selfie. #livingarrows

  2. Truly stunning shots! ...I haven't read your 'about' page yet ...But you're a professional photographer right?!
    These are absolutely beautiful ...ALL of them!


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