Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Sorry for the blogging hiatus but the post title says it all... THE WEBSITE IS LIVE!!!!

I can't tell you how funny it's felt publishing it... I went from feeling so proud and confident to telling Joe (Feather's Web Design) to publish it and all of a sudden I felt so exposed and nervous and got all those twitchy scary feelings you get when you feel totally out of your depth and you worry someone popular from school might see it and think you're a total idiot. You know when things make you feel like that? Like you still might be a spotty teenager with your skirt tucked in your knickers? 

Anyway after a day or so I'm back to exciiiiiiited so here it is! And I'm still going back and forward about what to do about the blog side... So much of me wants to just transfer Mummyography over... This is what started all the photography stuff... Thoughts?! 

And to some much less than "professional" photography... Here's some of Euna in the woods with her pal Oscar... Straight off the camera just for a change... :D


  1. WOW...just, wow. The new site is beautiful, congratulations!

  2. Euna is so adorable! I totally understand the feeling of hitting "publish" and making your website live. There's a feeling of accomplishment and apprehension, and you ask yourself if you did all of the things correctly. Though it seems like you don't have to worry about that. Your website is crisp and lively, something a photographer's website should be. I hope you get more clients through this endeavor!

    Russell Beck @ 5 Star Brand


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