Thursday, 27 June 2013

Halfway Hump (21 weeks)

I'm going to call 21 weeks pregnant the "boredom hump". That halfway mark play tricks with your mind and all at once you're as far away from the start as you are from the end. I want so much to savour so many special things to come; the shopping, the decorating, the nursery, washing those tiny clothes. If I do them now I know it'll feel like I've opened all my present before Christmas morning. Equally all the exciting beginnings have begun; everyone knows, the scans have come and gone.

Now, we just wait.

I may have mentioned before, I don't wait very well. I'm a much better do-er. Hence the decorating projects. Hence the photography push.

But I'm still lacking a little for me. I could do with leisure time. I hate thinking I need to be away from Euna but I feel like I do. Just a little. My issue is that I miss her when I go away, I genuinely fantasise about being able to freeze her whilst I go for a spa day, just so I don't miss one of her smiles or a cool new trick.

A mental b&*%h-slap is required.

Hold your nerve Charlie.

All good things are to come. And they are coming. Soon you won't know where it all went. Stop. Appreciate the still.  

So regarding the "photography push"... Here's so few quick snaps I took for a friend! 
(And if you have a mo go like my photography Facebook page!)
Euna photo bomb! :D
And the obligatory weekly bump shot...
This one is a WRIGGLER! In an effort to resist the cliche reference to it being a footballer, all I can say is it feels like a squid in there! Love.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Euna Tricks

Been trying to catch her doing this for weeks! :D

Monday, 24 June 2013

Home Sweet Home Craft

You may remember we moved recently. 4 months ago. New home + new baby bump = NESTING
Cue a thousand and one trips to DIY shops and the paint aisles. We're coming close to owning every single paint sample colour B&Q have to offer. 

And I am loving it. Laying down real roots. Making this place our own. I remember a few key interior pieces we had in our house as I grew up; a very 80s digital alarm clock that sat on my Dad's bedside, a mirror painted with a Greek goddess and grapevines in the bathroom, black and white tiles in the kitchen, dark green kettle, a wooden owl lap we got on a family holiday in France. These were signs of the times and marks of my childhood era. They weren't expensive or design essentials, but they made my home.
I love the idea that the items I choose now will be those my children. I wonder what they will remember? I wonder if they'll call me up and ask if I still have that old fox pillow anywhere because it reminds them of when they were little? Maybe they want it for their new flat because it's so retro and totally back bang on trend. 
So here are some peeks at what's going on around our abode... Euna's room and the quest for a girlie blue...
Love this tree wall sticker from Not on the Highstreet, some bunting I made last pregnancy and a name plaque an Auntie made for her...
The mobile I slaved over. I took two tutorials for the birds and the circles ideas and combined... Gotta love a crafty blog... 
This has been my most recent DIY project, old-school highchair from a charity furniture shop (£15)...
Sanded then base and top coat...
Cheap frame collage, using frames from The Range (Priced £1.49-£4.49)...
 The dining room lights Steve and I are in love with (unfortunately disappeared from sight so I can't link you up)...
 Happy home, happy girls.
More projects to come! Not least of them MY cot from when I was a baby!! :D

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Stepping with Friends

It's easy for some friendships to not change with the changes in your life. Easy to find the prospect of adapting your usual routines with certain people too daunting to bother. I usually only see her in this situation and we don't go there anymore. Changing scenarios with them seems like a leap. Shamefully often, I've just moved on. Most school friends stayed school friends. Most friends from this or that job stayed as that. Friends I got drunk with in my single days couldn't be envisaged here in my married life. That was good for then, didn't know how it would fit in my new life landscape, so I just left it in the past. Though I've never thought consciously about it like that, essentially that's what happened.
For some that was right. For others, I hope to find the time and travel means to write a different story.
A few though, came along for the ride.
Infact one appears to be there no matter what. Allowing time and/or distance and/or circumstance to have us drift off was never an option with this one. You know what I discovered? Food is universal of all ages, states of being and stages of life. When in doubt; eat together.
And we ate. And ate.

Now I'm thinking about how much of being a happy Mum is about adapting your former childless social life effectively to parenthood. Taking little social risks and taking a friendship out of comfort zones; gets rewards.
What's more amazing than taking big life steps? Taking big life steps with people you love.
Here we are, stepping.
And for your viewing pleasure... Farm birds...
21 weeks...
Ni Hao Yall

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Father's Day Walking

A little Father's Day walk... 
20+5 bumpage...
Daddy & daughter...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

20 Weeks

All was well at the scan. Baby was described as "textbook". Wonderful.
Feeling massive already. Loving the kicks.
Enjoying dressing my bump. Hating my upper arms.
Thicker hair.
Still craving fruit and my overall portion control is out the window.
Gender guessing is driving me insane. If it was all up to me I totally would have caved by now.
As always I have no instinct.
Starting to have a lot of thoughts about life with two, sharing myself, missing out on Euna, this new one "intruding" on our time together... There's some fears.
Energy is back. I can officially go all day and Euna and I are making the most of it.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it" Clarence B. Kelland

Ni Hao Yall
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Friday, 14 June 2013

Post Scan Worry Buzz... WARNING: This post may contain strong hormones and images of cute babies... & GIVEAWAY!

I'm slumped on the sofa. Wired and exhausted.

There are different types of baby making. There are milestone days, mundane days, scary days, blooming days, sick days... Everyone has different ratios of these types of days.
I feel awash with it all. The joy, the worry, the attempts to relate anticipations to knowns, picturing picturing picturing. I'm quite sure I'll go blind if I squint over the 3 x 4" black and white glossy picture anymore. I'm smiling and crying and feeling so much gratitude I could almost talk myself in to being owed something horrible. Boy or girl. Sister or brother. Son or daughter. The unlikelihood of so much perfection to happen again.
My confidence in my ability to do this dips and peaks.

Buzz buzz buzz.

A friend of mine says you don't get something as miraculous as a baby without a journey. She's right. And I have to ride a wave right now. Try and shush the worries, live the happies and breathe.
In other news... The winners of the Stage 3 Nuby Cups were informed but I can confirm that Sainsburys have them on sale if you weren't lucky and want some! :)
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Happy weekend! :D :D :D


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