Friday, 14 June 2013

Post Scan Worry Buzz... WARNING: This post may contain strong hormones and images of cute babies... & GIVEAWAY!

I'm slumped on the sofa. Wired and exhausted.

There are different types of baby making. There are milestone days, mundane days, scary days, blooming days, sick days... Everyone has different ratios of these types of days.
I feel awash with it all. The joy, the worry, the attempts to relate anticipations to knowns, picturing picturing picturing. I'm quite sure I'll go blind if I squint over the 3 x 4" black and white glossy picture anymore. I'm smiling and crying and feeling so much gratitude I could almost talk myself in to being owed something horrible. Boy or girl. Sister or brother. Son or daughter. The unlikelihood of so much perfection to happen again.
My confidence in my ability to do this dips and peaks.

Buzz buzz buzz.

A friend of mine says you don't get something as miraculous as a baby without a journey. She's right. And I have to ride a wave right now. Try and shush the worries, live the happies and breathe.
In other news... The winners of the Stage 3 Nuby Cups were informed but I can confirm that Sainsburys have them on sale if you weren't lucky and want some! :)
For those who didn't win... And even for those who did... Here's another little freebie to keep you ticking over! I have one of these, complete with net refills to give away...
All you have to do is...

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Happy weekend! :D :D :D


  1. Pregnancy is definitely a journey, I had days where I felt terrified, blessed, excited, etc etc, and they were heightened even more the next time around.

  2. A journey is one way of putting it - although I'm not sure there is any destination - maybe I heard that somewhere before about life though, and creating a new life must be the start of that very special journey that each and every person goes through x I went through all the above feelings with Oliver too, as for doing it a second time, I haven't been that lucky as yet x

    In other news, the Nuby Nibblers are great - especially for teething a little fruit puree in an ice cube tray and then into the net still slightly soft and cold works wonders on the gums and means you dont have to hold it too!


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