Sunday, 26 January 2014

Baby on the Bed...

He's giggling now. I hold his hands and jiggle him to "boogie boogie boooooogieeee" and he giggles.  He still hates noise. Loves a cuddle. He's like me with tea in the morning, he needs two feeds to really get him going. He loves Euna, I can tell. He's long, with skinny arms. Still so calm and laid back. A total telly addict. Oh... And his eyes are so blue. 

I knooooow I said I would stop it with the white... But I'm a sucker for it! All too aware that before I can blink he will be a toddler and any white will be smeared and stained with jam and mud... TILL THEN...!

Bow-Bow... <3

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