Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bow @ 2 Months

I am promising myself that the very next baby photo shoot I do is going to be way more experimental. I need to push boundaries a little more. The thing is I really do love babies against white, on white, wearing white... Mainly because babies don't need anything else. But I will try... Next time. 

So Bow is 2 months. I cried in bed last night because it's all going too fast. I have nothing new to say here... If you're a parent you know what I mean, if you're not (patronising tone incoming) and you're anything like me then you won't really get it. But... Urgh. I hate it. It seriously makes me hideously morbid and I think about how short life is and how fast it's all going and how it doesn't seem to matter how many pictures I take because nothing slows it down.

Well regardless of my feelings here we are arriving at 2 months at lightening speed. He smiles, he laughs, he holds his head for small periods of time, he's just about stopped crying in the bath, hates the car seat, loves lying face down on the middle seat on our sofa, hates loud noises, loves it in his carrier, has just started to really watch Euna and he is giving me a very easy time of it by sleeping through already! HOORAH! 


  1. Such a cutie! I get morbid like that that too, sometimes, just thinking of how fast life is going by. Excited to see what your next pics will look like.


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