Friday, 31 January 2014

Pooped! (As in "tired" ok?!)

Pooped. In the truest sense of the word I am POOPED! Everyday. Everyday I screech in to the evening and on to the sofa achey and brain buzzing. In the region of 472627393 people told me I was "going to have your hands full" when I was pregnant and they were all right. Not that I doubted it but nothing really prepared me for the reality of the fact. 

Don't get me wrong it's a wonderful kind of busy and my hands are full with wonderful things, but it's a lot. I buzz through everyday trying to think 3 steps ahead to the next meal, nappy, feed, toddler singing class... I rattle everything through my head in bed every night and it's a good job I'm that tired  or I'd never sleep. 

Blogging and taking photographs is proving to be a good anchor. It reminds me of when we got married and the best advice I ever got was to keep checking the time on our wedding day to make us stop and take it all in, stop the time running away. Blogging is a bit like that. Like checking the clock. 

Time check...

My favourite photo in a long time... 

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  1. I really understand you... but eventually they will sart playing with each other, and you'll get some time for yourself. However, as soon as you go to the bathroom, they will follow you. All. The. Time.
    Sorry. :D
    Hang in there!
    P.S. I love the photos ;)


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