Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hello blog readers! Let it be known I have NOTHING profound, thoughtful or meaningful to say today, that is working on the presumption I have EVER said anything profound, thoughtful or meaningful on here... 

This is the consequence of my day being centred around some of my favourite Mummy friends, coffee, shopping and lunch. Quick run down is we met at Lakeside. I was first to arrive at the agreed Costa after a BAD night with Euna I sat down and felt very smug about commandeering TWO prime spot tables with surrounding buggy parking areas. I sat for an entire 20 minutes nursing my life-giving caffeine hit (with requested extra caffeine) before looking across the way and thinking "oh there's another Costa there, bit excessive to have TWO Costas in such close range". Yeah. They don't have two Costas in that short a range. I was sat in a Pret. Oh dear. 

Suffice to imagine the day picked up and we had a FABULOUS time. So whilst my dear Mummy friends would not thank me to disclose all the deepest and darkest things that Mummies talk about when in close proximities to each other, here's what I can disclose... My Primark haul...

Knitted leggings £5, Ballet Shoe Socks £1.50, Cardigan £6.00, Long Sleeved T-shirts £3.00

And here modelled on my glamourous assistant are the above leggings and a second set of long sleeved T-shirts (£6.00)...

Finally baby girl was not with out a spot of clever today as when we got home the clever wotsit learnt to get herself from lying to sitting. She even did it FOUR times to make sure I got a decent piccie...

Lessons: (Nothing new...)

1. I'm a SLAVE to a bargain.
2. I make clever babies.

SIDE NOTE: We lunched at Gourmet Burger Kitchen on the Boardwalk... ACE! I love the GBK anyway but today the staff REALLY out did themselves! They could not have more friendly and helpful and oh so politely stifled their gasps as no less than 5 buggies, 2 baby led weaned babies and 5 hyper women descended upon them to rearrange furniture and throw half digested cheese sandwich bits all over the floor (Euna not me). Thank you GBK! More than a few lunching establishments could learn from how you welcome ladies and babies! :D


  1. I have to say I find Primark to be remarkable! Cute clothes at incredible prices for the whole family! Better than my US favorite Target.
    Your babe is adorable and so too your blog! Happy new follower from My Froley hop.

    1. It IS fab isn't it! I wasn't too impressed with their newborn stuff as there isn't a huge selection but now she's a little bigger there's TONS! Ooo what's Target?

      Thank you so much for the compliments! Excited to have you following! :D x

  2. I like the idea of primark catalogue - in theory, the clothes are very similar to ones feautured and sold in more expensive high street chains - although there is a compromise on the quality of fabrics used, and the way they have been put together. Often when I pick something up to look at it in primark achat en ligne, there are loose, stray threads or off-centre detailing. Perhaps I've just been unlucky!


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