Sunday, 9 September 2012

A little tribute to my wonderful friend Emma...

Today we celebrated the Christening of my friend Emma's beautiful baby girl Ayla. 

My friend Emma was the first Mummy friend I made during pregnancy. She is my original bump buddy. We met via a pregnancy/parenting site called Baby Centre. We met on a miserable Wednesday in Starbucks and I remember I liked her instantly because she gave me a proper hug. We're big huggers in this house and a limp arm around the shoulder doesn't cut it with me. If I go in for a hug I want to feel it. Bear hugs are like my heaven. So anyone who meets a stranger off the internet and instantly goes in for the good stuff with a real hug is great by me.

My friend Emma then. Perhaps it's the circumstances of our friendship (pregnancy) that mean ten minutes after the aforementioned hug we cut straight through the small talk dove in to the intimate world of all things icky and gross that pregnant women have to talk about. I have no boundaries anyway (self confessed habitual over-sharer) and neither did she. We talked, we ate cake, we laughed and then we put that track on repeat week on week from about week 14 to 40 of our pregnancies and beyond. 

I love my friend Emma. She's probably not aware, because she's all too often all consumed with all the all consuming things a mother of four is all consumed with, but she's been a huge role model for me as a mother. She believes in family. She believes in her friendships. She believes in being outside and getting dirty and not wearing makeup. She loves a bit of cake, swears like a sailor and has a wicked sense of humour. All these things make her one of my very most favourite people. 

So to you, to Jamie, to your three other fabulous children... Congratulations! She's beautiful. She's here, happy and healthy. You did it! Happy Christening Day Ayla!

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