Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Breakfast Diary...

Toast has not been a hit so far in this house. Eggs are reasonably successful but the hunt is on for a favoured breakfast dish. So this morning we tried Gill Rapley's "Porridge Fingers"... They're easy peasey... Just equal parts milk and oats, mixed up, squashed in to the bottom of a dish and 2 minutes in the microwave.

At first I was a little disappointed at the reception but after a little while she really got stuck in! They were easy for her to handle and posed no gagging incidents. I think the real fun is going to be had in making fruit purees to dip them in and/or when she is old enough for a little honey. Regardless for today they went down pretty good.

Then I just have to slip this one in as we had a strawberry massacre for pudding at dinner time...

Oh and tea time snack? Duck.


1. Porridge fingers are fast and easy to make for Mummies and manageable for babies. Probably do better with something to pimp them up though.

2. There isn't a child alive who hasn't eaten a fair few bath bubbles.

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