Saturday, 1 September 2012

First food!

After a gruelling four nights of sleepless nights we decided to bring weaning forward a day in the hope it might help the nights. So, with a slightly heavy heart, we gave it a go. Baby led weaning take one...

She took a moment to look at it before she even touched it but once she got a hold it went straight in her mouth! Amazing! How do they know EXACTLY what to do? Incredible. The bottom right hand picture is her swallowing face, which to mine and husband's delight is followed by a weird shudder... Hilarious.

The bread and egg worked better as the mango and banana was slippery and hard for her to grasp. Surprisingly also it seemed better to have larger pieces!

I'm having a few lazy thoughts along the lines of "oh I'm going to have to get home earlier for dinner time" and "oh what a fuss it's going to be taking pots of cucumber and carrot out with me". But I'll just have to get organised with eating. This will be good for me. I was already healthier for the experience as I enjoyed a slice of brown bread toast and half a banana for breakfast. Plus I am going to further my cooking repertoire. Use less salt. Find meals that are good for sharing and good for reheating for when Steve comes in. This will be good. I can not whine forever about her growing up. I can not let it sadden every big milestone. I am positive mummy.

1. Embrace the milestones.
2. Slippery food is hard for babies.
3. Larger finger foods are easier to grip.
4. Baby led weaning is fun fun fun! Trust your baby knows what to do... they will always surprise you.

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