Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gag-Safe Foods

The concept of weaning in addition to the looming possibility that I may be starting an evening photography course in a few weeks has got me thinking that baby A is becoming leave-able...

To catch you up I have left Euna once. At 3 months for 2.5 hours to go to the hairdressers with the husband. I didn't enjoy it, it wasn't "good for me" and I haven't done it since. I have had the luxury that I haven't had to.

She's now on other things besides breast milk. Intense, protective "mummy-lion" (as my friend Gemma calls them) hormones have settled. The idea is a little easier. Not made too easy by the thought of Euna gaging on her food and the appointed Euna-watcher panicking and not know what to do.

So what foods are way down on my gag list? (I could also recommend this to a friend as a finger-food intro list)

  1. Porridge fingers (dipped in fruit puree if needed)
  2. Roasted Courgette batons, can even remove the skins if you want to be extra careful
  3. Toasted pitta soldiers and hummus (she's never gagged on this)
  4. Mango fingers (and by extensive I'm tempted to put melon but I haven't tried this yet)
  5. Yoghurt dipped with a spoon and handed to baby
  6. Flakey fish, she just squashed it with her hands and licked the flakes of her fingers
  7. Strips of chicken, she didn't get anything out of it except for chicken flavoured dribble but I see her getting that flavour on her tongue as "eating" and there was definitely no gagging 
P.S. Just added a handful of strawberries to my banana muffins... They smell AMAZING!

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