Thursday, 29 August 2013

There IS No Off Switch!

Time out at the hairdressers. Sat here thinking right... No baby, no husband, no friends, no laptop, no camera: just sit. Just sit and be.

Then I realised since the day I found out I  was expecting Euna my thoughts have been split. My mind has spent the last 2 years in training to think and do as many things as possible at once. Then I realised today; I can't switch it off!

I think part of finding my sanity with two children is going to be about being ok with there always always being something to do, something to plan, something that could be done better. When I get ok with that, I will allow myself to know I do not need to be thinking about this right now.

The problem is there is no ceiling on parenting. You're never done. Nothing will ever be enough because your children will never be safe enough, strong enough or invincible enough for you let go. You will never have kissed them enough, read enough books and there is no such thing as too much quality time. No wonder we can't switch off... There's no switch!!!

BUT I do need to practice the art of "now is the time for nothing because after a good dose of nothing, I'll be better at everything".
 Check my pregnancy page to see how the bump's coming... :D :D :D 
 And in the event I never find that off switch... I'll be training up my PA on the blog... ;) 


  1. I don't think people tend to tell you that having a baby changes the way your head works. Good to see it put into words - thank you.

    1. Thank you for reading! :D It's part of the magnitude of things people tend to keep a secret lol! ;)

  2. I have a teenager and I'm still looking for my off switch! lovely photo's by the way.

    1. Ah so I may have a way to go! Lol! Thanks for stoping by :D

  3. You're right there is no off switch!! lol
    Great photos x


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