Sunday, 25 August 2013

Babyhood Debris... Our Treasured Keepsakes

At every step of this pregnancy I can't help but glance back at my first time around with Euna. And when I am looking back I feel that universal mother's sadness at how short it all was, how fleeting every stage seems now. Even those moments that didn't feel so worthy of savouring back then, maybe they were the same moments that didn't feel short at the time; like counting down to the scans, like being overdue, like 12:00-4:00am every night for the first 3 weeks of her life. Even those, in hindsight, all seem so short.

I am yet to meet a parent who doesn't tell me "it went/is going so quick". How is that? We all agree it's hard. We all know we sat on the edge of the bed and rocked back and forward crying "I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!" We all felt some strain of parenting guilt. We've all doubted ourselves and felt fraudulent donning our Mummy/Daddy hat. And yet... We all regret the speed it went by! I guess it's just that worth it... :D

And I know this is the start of my journey to become one of those elderly ladies who tell pregnant women and new mums in supermarkets to "ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!" in a patronising and accusing tone. For these future faux pas; I apologise.

It's just I get these elderly ladies now! It's that panic to savour, absorb and enjoy every moment and then if those moments must slip away, if pregnancies must end and babies must grow up... Then I want to stash as much of it's debris as memorabilia as possible. Pictures, cards, tags, champagne corks, first locks, first clothes, a favourite blanket or a hat with a funny story.

Here I get carried away with my myself and I think about how I want to keep it all and look forward to days when I'll sit down with her and tell the stories behind them. I imagine the first few tellings she'll find boring and be thinking about other things she could be doing at that moment... But then I think one day maybe she'll be sat there with her baby in her belly and listening all the more intently... Maybe.

I digress... This baby's coming. And with them I am sure they will bring their own brand of relentless growing up. The temptation is there just to stamp my feet, stick my fingers in my ear and shout "LA LA LA IT'S NOT HAPPENING!" But it will. So I want to make a good plan for recording, savouring and stowing away all the little bits of this baby's babyhood that I can.

So off I pop to shop for some good baby keepsake ideas... Meanwhile we're looking back...
 And crafting new keepsakes for the baby...
For bump progress check my 29 week post and if that not enough... Check my Pregnancy Page... :D
What are you savouring of your children's babyhood? And how are you doing it?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all literacy ideas, views and opinions, content and images are my own.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. This is a beautiful post, and I completely agree. It felt like pregnancy wouldn't ever pass, the hard times wouldn't ever pass, and now I'm always telling expectant mothers to enjoy every last moment of it all (like I always hated when people told me!).

  2. i think all mums do it. i always find myself telling new mums to enjoy it goes so quick. i find it so hard not to keep everything to remember those baby days. it doesnt get any easier as they bigger either :( x


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