Friday, 23 August 2013

29 Weeks

It appears all that wiggling has not been in vain as we discovered this week baby has wiggles it's way to breech position...

Hmmm... No it doesn't matter. Yes there's plenty of time. But I couldn't help a pang or two of my frst birth related "what if..." 

Until this point I was adamant I was not nervous. And I'm not. Yet. It's there though, poised in the wings, those little doubting gremlins with a million "what if"s and fearful scenarios. Reading Marie Mongan's "Hypnobirthing" book and it has done a wonderful job of getting me to a positive and fearless place and now I am feeling like it may be work to keep me here. 

Be positive. Be fearless. Be calm. Be excited. 

Only wonderful things are ahead. Only. 

We can do this.

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  1. LOVE E's face in this. LOVE IT. Favourite bump picture to date. X


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