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Joules Baby Lizzie Dress Review

I was absolutely over the moon when Joules sent this beautiful baby girls dress over for review! For us Joules is on the more luxurious end of what we splash out for clothes and every time we have been pleased with the investment. They offer quality statement pieces, which are also very wearable and can really accent your wardrobe. In the past we've had a sleep suit, a dress and a t-shirt and shorts set. All have been favourites, so I am particularly excited to have this dress and share a review with you.
So what I have found recently with clothes buying is that Euna is coming out of her babyhood. She is in her clothes for much longer, so spending a little more on longer standing items is becoming more and more worthwhile. I'm a firm believer in buying less but buying right. I love some of the supermarket brands and I am quite partial to a Primark haul but you can end up spending more if a lot of it doesn't wash tremendously well, or the buttons go, or the designs are a little bland, so you get bored and buy more... Gone are the days of "panic dressing" to get her through the piles of beautiful baby gifts and all the wonderful things we stock piled in pregnancy. Now we can wear clothes out. So when possible I think we should be buying to last.

Cue this delicious iconic, floral print, jersey, A line dress from Joules. The Baby Lizzie dress.
First off, the aesthetics, I love the print. A classic pink floral on a little girl? Everytime. What's more is the pink is a fuschia pink and the cuffs are an almost luminous turquoise. So what we have a classic floral print with a funky, bold twist. Fabulous!
The fit is a straight for A line. I would call it a "jumper dress". This is why I think the item is so wearable. I'm a firm believer babies and toddlers need to be comfortable. I love to see Euna looking lovely but I don't want to see her tripping over long skirts, scratching itchy zip fastenings or rolling around with her farm animal set on the floor in something fitted and restrictive. This is essentially like a long jumper, comfortable, soft jersey fabric, no waist band or hidden fastenings at the neck. There's nothing to make me imagine this isn't anything but a comfortable, play-friendly piece.
I got a size 12-18 months. Sizings seem accurate. This is roomy on Euna so lots of growing room for when the weather cools off in Autumn when she'll get a little more wear out of it and then into winter when I'll team it with wooly tights and maybe welly boots (if her feet grow enough for ickle wellies which I am dying to buy!) FYI Euna is now 16 months, she floats around the 25th percentile and is about 22lbs. She's proportional in her height too and the length is great. It is just on her knee so not short at all and not so long I see her trip at all.
The first wear was yesterday and the 100% cotton stood up to a fairly intensive 40 degree cotton wash (I had some gnarly beach towels to go in hence the intensive cycle). The pattern stayed perfectly and the fabric didn't "bobble" in the slightest.
Cost is £24.95. Yes you could buy 3-4 dresses from a supermarket for this money, but I do believe that this is something special. I'd always rather have a few great items I rotate for Euna than a wardrobe full of pieces she wears a handful of times. Given the wearability and how well it's gone through the wash I expect to see this dress really earn it's keep. Buy less, wear more as Gok would say! £24.95 (at a very rough sweeping look) seems to put it a pound or two above JoJo Maman Bebe's jersey dresses (which I am little disheartened with when it comes to how well they wash) and maybe one or a few pounds cheaper than Hatley and Frugi. So amongst brands that I would group it with it seems right on.

  • Bold, iconic, print design
  • Quality fabric and make, that washes well
  • Comfortable and very wearable
  • £24.95 with a lot of scope to get your money's worth
Click here to find this dress and other girls dresses from Joules!
The item pictured in this post was given to me for free by Joules, though all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and entirely uninfluenced by any external parties.
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  1. What an utterly gorgeous dress - and it looks so wearable that I believe that it is worth the money to be honest. I've liked your FB page too. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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