Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Joules Baby Pram Blanket Review

BY FAR my favourite part of baby shopping is blankets. Not swaddle blankets. Not sleeping bags. Beautiful, traditional, knitted or crocheted natural fibre blankets. For me buying them is a right of passage through pregnancy. Feeling their softness. Imagining snuggling up under them with your teenie tiny bundle for hours on end. Day dreaming about tucking them in to their moses basket all cosy and calm with them. 

They're for cuddly, cosy night slumbers and snug, sofa day snoozes. They're for enjoying everything that is wonderful about babyhood. 

I love baby blankets. Point stressed. Moving on...

Enter this Baby Pram Blanket from Joules to sit in wait for baby bump...
The review:

It's a "pram blanket", this means the dimensions (100 x 75cm) are set for tucking a 0-6 month old (ish) in to their respective pram, moses basket or crib, bouncing chair, car seat etc. They're not really big enough for baby in a cot or cot bed but an essential size for the early days.

It's 100% cotton. For me personally this is essential. Natural fibres are much more efficient at regulating babies body temperature than man made fibres are. The knit pattern also has little holes for extra breathability. It feels natural too, super soft and thick without feeling heavy or dense. Most ideally this blanket is for cooler months but the breathability of it would mean it isn't totally redundant during the summer.

The look is a classic baby knit, diamond pattern in the main body of the blanket, a striped boarder and then a pretty zig-zag trim. To punctuate the whole piece there is an embroidered "Baby Joule"logo. Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of logos I don't mind this, it's small, embroidered and well... it's Joules.
Price is £30, for the quality, versatility of use and expected longevity of this item that seems spot on. We already have a couple very similar John Lewis own blankets in our stash, including this cable knit blanket which is also priced at £30. Equally Mamas and Papas knitted blankets range from  £26-49.95, so this sits well with what I would consider it's counter parts.

Great version of an absolute baby essential at an apt price.
Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review by Joules, though all ideas, opinions, images and content within this post are entirely my own.

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  1. This is a wonderful product. It is indeed very comfortable for babies to be tucked in with it but the most important thing to consider is if the baby is allergic to it or not. :)
    - MovingBlankets.com


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