Sunday, 11 August 2013

Baby Naming...

We need a name.

Well in the interests of paying service to typical practice of using different names for different sexes; we need two.

Sounds easy. Think of a name you like, give it to a baby.

What's not easy is when you start to think about this name representing your child. What it's going to say about your child. What kind of person goes by this name? How will this name introduce this baby as a baby, then a child, then an adult?

Doesn't sound so easy now.

What kind of names do I like? What do I want this name to be? Well... I want this name to be unique, thoughtful, intelligent, phonetically pleasing, aimiable, memorable, classic, in a way rommantic and simultaneously a little bit grand but also humble.

Now this is sounding hard.

In a way this name is the way I first state for my child my hopes and dreams for them. Perhaps I imagine if I can achieve the perfect name selection then good things follow a little more easily for them? Perhaps I imagine if I chose the wrong name good things will not follow?

Then on top of all the above I want love this name.

Now it's sounding impossible. Equally I don't intend to name this baby after my favourite biscuit, so how wrong can I go?

People say we'll know. They said we'd know last time, we didn't. Good news was those new baby happy hormones mean you make it work. Like so many things with babies I need to add it to the "Just Gotta Believe It'll Be Fine" list. And if it isn't... Well then we make stories. Back to the books...

What's on your list of naming criteria? What's in a name for you?

A last few holiday snaps...
Another self-timer family portrait... :D


  1. As a teacher I had a long list of definite no names. We spent a long time not really knowing what names we loved during the pregnancy but when Lyra arrived we knew that was her name.

  2. My husband was incredibly helpful and shot down 99% of names I suggested so that narrowed it down:) I made an effort to completely disregard what family and friends thought about names in general and went with my heart and gut, and I still love both names we chose. 2nd time was harder though, without a doubt.

  3. Oh, my goodness that second to last photo of your daughter in the pool floaties is just awesome!
    The name thing can be tricky...we named one daughter after someone who was very dear to us and the other four were just inspired by random things. Our youngest is Claire since our oldest was learning to play Clair de lune on the piano :-)

  4. what beautiful shots honey.the naming of Joshua caused us so much stress so i feel your pain :-) i am sure you will pick the right name for you ;-)x

  5. I'm feeling your pain, as am going through it all for a third time. My hubby refuses point blank to even discuss names until we know the sex... with our other two it was a little easier as we had names we'd pretty much picked out but this time round it's going to be so much harder! Good luck #MagicMoments

  6. great post & gorge pictures. always love reading your blog** u have such a way with words!! much love xx Cara


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