Friday, 16 August 2013

27 Weeks

Breath-*gasp*-less-*gasp*-ness is the main order of the 27th week for me.
Baby feels way up high to my ribs and I love to press down on the topside of my bump and feel the firm lump of gorgeous baby bottom. 
It's uncanny how similar this pregnancy feels to Euna. He/she even lies the same way. This could be the reason for having increasing feelings about a girl. I am still not swayed enough to imagine either a boy or girl would surprise me but if I had a gun to my head; I'd guess girl right now.

Goodbye second trimester. You've been wonderful, sometimes I am sorry I didn't seem to have to time or head space to hang around for long and really think about how great you've been. I guess thems the brokes of second time around with a toddler running around.

Hello third trimester. Nursery painting and other domestic organisation aside... I feel ready for you now. Not that I suppose you would of waited if not. But I am. 

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