Friday, 27 September 2013

The Essential One: Ambassadorship & GIVEAWAY!

A while back I discovered this (The Essential One) great little online retailer for maternity and baby clothes... I ordered some maternity pyjamas and was so impressed I couldn't not review them! 
So impressed with The Essential One's fabric quality, fast delivery and I'm a sucker for a bit extra in the packaging department... I got to stalking them on Twitter and was super excited to see them advertising a scheme for bloggers! Cue one application from yours truly and would you know it... I'M A THE ESSENTIAL ONE MUCH LOVED BLOGGER! 
 What does that mean? Well it means new baby A isn't even born and he or she has his ir her first blogging assignment... To model and review a few of The Essential One's very fine newborn bits! YEY!

Just to reiterate how much I love this brand check me out in this maternity tee here...
 And here...
Bought with my very own pennies and hiiiiighly recommended long before the days when I could boast a "Much Loved Blogger" badge! You will not regret treating yourself and/or baby their essential items... The lovely thing about The Essential One is they're not out to clutter up your wardrobe with one wear wonders, their pieces are all about being quality, staple reliables that you enjoy wearing and dressing baby in time after time! I can honestly say this is my favourite go to tee! :D
If you are still not convinced enough to part with your own pennies then how's about you just spend THEIRS?! Fancy a £20 voucher to test them out...? Then enter below using the widget...

Remember to come back everyday between now and the end of the giveaway to receive more and more entries, there are tons of ways to build up your entries too... GOOD LUCK!!! 

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  1. I would love to win this, please count me in

  2. Thanks for linking this post to #WinningWeekends on my blog ;)

  3. I entered Thanks for sharing on the giveaway link up at

    1. Great! Thank you for hosting and good luck! :D :D :D

  4. I must agree it's wonderful one! Lot's inspiration for another projects!
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