Friday, 13 September 2013

32 Weeks

Feels like 32 weeks has marked the pregnancy equivalent of that moment when you change gear on a bike and you do a turn on your pedals that creaks and slips and then clunk; it just snaps in to place.

That's what 32 weeks pregnant has felt to me. Snap in to place. 

The hormones, the stresses and the worries are lifting like a veil and underneath it all I've just realised... I'M SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!!!

We're having a baby. A real one. A teenie, tiny, wriggly, pink, little, newborn baby. I'm imagining that head, the smell, the little fingers that scrunch in and stretch out and the tiny toes on the ends of wrinkly, soft feet. The tiny clothes and tiny nappies... Oh. Baby baby baby... Who are you?

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  1. so lovely, im a tad jealous, were getting a dog before the next one according to the stud!! haha xx enjoy it all, such an exciting and gorgeous time


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