Monday, 2 September 2013

North Devon Adventures...

A little summer holiday debrief then... 12 of us. 8 adults. 4 toddlers. (2 bumps.) All met on the NCT. Shipped ourselves down  to North Devon. We pooled our funds and quite simply hired a house.

What could go wrong?!

Well, in the lead up to this holiday a LOT of people did start to mention the words "you're brave" and the cogs started to turn. On second thoughts a lot could go wrong and I was nervous to be risking potential damage to such wonderful friendships.

Good news is... Nothing went wrong! A few broken nights with babies in strange beds. The odd, mild grocery emergency. (Crikey can 12 people get through some grub!) Some longer than intended days hitting the sights of Devon. And a colder than freezing "heated" pool. Nothing much to comment on in the negative column and a whole ton of great food, dirty jokes, toddler bonding, girlie gossip, man talk and games were played weigh out the positives. Great memories and beautiful friendships concreted.

In addition to the wonderful company was a superb hostess. Beach days, fish and chips, nationals park walks, rock pool explorations, cliff top railways and a metric truck-ton of Devonshire cream teas were all on offer and gorged on!

Home. Fat. Happy. Excited for holiday snaps. Here's round one...

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