Sunday, 1 September 2013

30 Weeks


Out of 40.

Single digit countdown. 

I am freaking out. 

Nothing is where I want it to be. No one appears in the slightest bit as alarmed as I am that a whole new human being will be here in around 10 weeks. Could be 7. No one is listening to me. No one understands the dire emergency everything has attached to it. Honesty time... I'm a bit of a wreck. 

Approach with caution... This woman want's s&$@ done. Now. Yesterday infact. 
Poor Steve. I love you. Hang in there... Your wife will return at some point... Probably.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Best of luck with your pregnancy!

  2. :D Sorry, this made me laugh...Poor hubbies!! All the best for the last weeks. The baby will arrive whether or not you get things done!

  3. lol i so so remember this stage, i had so many meltdowns i feared the real me had gone for good lol

    thanks for sharing this with #MagicMoments x

  4. Oh can do this mama! Hope things get done for you and you start feeling better about everything. Baby won't need a whole lot as long as he's got his mama around. Just make sure to get as much rest in as possible though as it seems as though I'm always tired now that I have a wee one! :)

  5. I do understand your feelings. You just want everything to be perfect, and it will be I promise... It falls into place!
    Loving your neat little bump too. I had my 2nd at 30 weeks and I was huge! enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx
    linking up with #magicmoments

  6. Visiting from the Monday Club your post brought back so many memories for me. It is just a tad overwhelming, isn't it! Although emotional such a special time too - try and just enjoy the moment - Helen. Beautiful photo by the way.

  7. It seems so far away that I was at this stage. Now mine is 11 weeks old and I still feel a sense of urgency of a different sort. Now it is a rush to record every moment as they tick by at a furious rate. I hope the next 7-10 weeks pass by well for you as you get ready to welcome your littlest one to the family.

  8. Oh, the joy of hormones rolled up in impending motherhood. Loved the last line - perfect!

    Thanks for linking up with the #mondayclub

  9. Ooh boy do I remember those days! LOL! Hormones can be a nightmare, I remember once having a tantrum, then grabbing a bag of chips and sitting and crying while stuffing my face! :) Hang in there, it doesn't last forever. Following on bloglovin, from the Monday Mingle.

  10. Bless you my MM this week is a 30wk post too!
    It will all fall into place. As long as baby is here safely nothing else matters x

  11. gorgeous pic, :) yeah those hormones are all a bit too much to bear sometimes.


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