Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Little Lamb Nappy Review

At the weekend there was a large explosion and fire at a Japanese chemical plant who make the chemicals that go in to disposable nappies. The chemical plant responsible for around one fifth of the global supply of nappies and rumours are there could be a GLOBAL NAPPY SHORTAGE! (Full story and my thoughts are with those killed, hurt and injured in the explosion.) So what better motivation to boast my latest nappy purchase...

Littlelambs. I already use a two part Littlelamb bamboo nappy for night... It's freaking BOMB proof and she can go an easy 12-13 hours in it without the slightest leak. Fabulous. Late night nappy changes? Not in this house. So I was excited to see that Littlelamb wanted to do a warehouse clear out and put a MEGA sale of their One Size Fits All (OSFA also known as Birth To Potty/BTP) pocket nappies. 

The deal was EIGHT (EIGHT!!!!) pocket nappies for £32, no delivery charge. That's £4 per nappy. Normally £10 each, what a saving! Considering a quality pocket nappy can go for £13-£25, this is a great deal. 

There were 4 colour options; white, pink, aqua or lime. You can have any combination of these colours. 

The nappy... First thing I notice is they are SOFT. Silky soft. Having experienced their bamboo two-parters I expected this as they are also beautifully soft. Littlelamb seems to brand itself as having no fuss, no fads, no trendy patterns, just natural, quality nappies that are all about the fibres used. They didn't disappoint with these. They also come with two inserts which are equally soft.
The colours are bold. The stitching and overall workmanship is very neat. Impressive.

The fit is just as I like it, popper fastening, high waisted and adjustable. They give you a lot of options with the popper placements. No leaks. Very comfortable.

Overall a fantastic bargain. I would have been happy (at £4 a nappy) to just receive some half decent "stash fillers" (stash fillers I use on stay at home days and days when all her "best" nappies are in the wash). What I actually got is a HEAP of GREAT quality nappies and Littlelamb have soared to the top of my nappy charts with the likes of Charlie Banana and Bumgenius. I thoroughly advise a click over to Littlelamb site as they have this and a ton of other deals going on, especially if you are new to cloth as you really can't go wrong with these for the price!

(NB: If all this is utter gibberish to you read my intro to Cloth post

1. Cloth nappy forums are a great place to get the heads up on nappy deals.
2. Love a cloth bum.


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  2. Thanks Anni and Broody News! Good to get the feedback! Come back soon :D

  3. I have pretty much been a loyal buyer of honest diapers from day one, but have tried expensive diapers on occasion, only to come back to these. They are the better deal and don't fall apart. I have had tabs rip off on Huggies while attaching them to my kids. I like the expensive diapers best


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