Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Point is Family...

I've written this and now my finger's twitching on the "Publish" button... Could be just writing it was enough for me. Could be that no one needs to read this. I kind of know I'm going to publish. Because I know I am a habitual over-sharer by nature. I am. 

We went to a friend's Mum's funeral today.

Big life events. Births, marriages and deaths. 

It may well be just me but the certainty of death only really occurred to me when Euna was born. I suppose it's because before that point, in so many ways, I was a child myself. Now I am an adult and a mother. I have a dependant. 

Writing that feels ENORMOUS.

So then if death is certain and it's timing is unknown and (to most extents, unless I decide to take up base jumping) out of my control... Then we think about life. We think about "the point". THE point. We always ask what's THE point in things? We want meaning and we imagine it's singular, we imagine it's linear. It's not, but today I could make it so in my head.

Today, this lady and my own reflections brought me to one answer. It's about family. It really is. 

Why is it about family? Because it's not about anything else. When you eliminate everything that doesn't matter that's what there is. Just you guys.

So hopefully this isn't a sad post. Hopefully this didn't totally kill your mood. Hopefully this is a happy post. Hopefully this is like yeah... This bird is right on... It IS about family and I love mine! Hopefully it's like oh I know he pissed me off with his inability to stack the dishwasher logically but I LOVE him. Hopefully it's like yeah sometimes it seems like the kids telepathically know how to press my buttons but wow I LOVE them. 

Hopefully this post just made you realise you have everything you ever wanted and needed. Hopefully, before we all dive back in to the world of dishwashers, taxes, DVDs, traffic jams and expensive supermarket bills, we just took a second to feel lucky. 

I feel lucky today. I feel lucky because below is the picture that on Monday Steve and I spent half an hour choosing to put on our wall from Euna's blessing. I feel lucky for everything involved in bringing this picture in to reality. 

Thank you.


  1. Yep, it is all about family. I am the same, in that since becoming a Mum I have become so much more aware of the fact that one day I will die and leave Mia without her mother, that one day my Mum will die and it's a day I can't even bear to imagine. So in the meantime I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible and make the most of every day.

    1. It's a scary thought isn't it and weird that having a baby is the thing that brings it all home... I think its is the sense of responsibility and the permanence of that responsibility! But you are right make everyday count! That's most of why I blog it helps to to absorb this time and make the most of it :) x Thanks for commenting x

  2. I didn't think this post was sad at all. Death and funerals usually make people reflect on life and our own mortality. Blog hopping from Embracing Friends and following you now.

    1. Thanks Jeannie I'm so glad it didn;t read sad, it was quite a sad day and nice to try and make a positive post out of it. Thanks for following I'm hopping back over for a read now now :D x

  3. Yes it was a happy post, a beautifully happy post. It is about family, and we do need to remind ourselves to take a step back, to see and feel the love, to remember how lucky we are.
    Very well said xx

    1. Thank you Kelly, it is all about taking a step back and gaining perspective. We are very VERY lucky x Thanks for such a lovely comment :D x

  4. Eep, yes, always loving the family. Especially the kiddo. My heart bursts for her.


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