Friday, 26 October 2012

The Point is Family, Part 2...

A while back I wrote about The Point is Family... When I wrote the post I nearly didn't post as I was worried it was more intense than my typical post. Well I did and I got some lovely feedback (thank you!) but the sentiment has come back to me this week.

At the moment we're playing host to my Dad's knee operation recovery. He'll be here for a few weeks... It's great! Don't get me wrong I'll probably want to beat him with his crutches in a week or two but for now, in the honeymoon period, it's lovely. Euna is loving the extra coo-ing, Grandad is loving really getting to know his grand-daughter and how her day goes, how our family goes, I am loving the chance to do a bit of parental pay-back (at a time in my life when I am more aware than ever of what parents sacrifice) and Steve is loving the extra "man vote" on the tv. Win all round. Though I reserve the right to write a "OMG I Beat My Dad With His Crutches" post later in a fortnight.

So here is a little photo dump from the last few lazy, domestic days I've spent as Nurse Alexander...

 My favourite part about her crawling, the fact she WANTS to be with her Mummy, she crawls up and tries to climb up my legs like a little koala bear, sweetness...

Some Frugi wear...

Her first yoghurt, her first food from a "pot", I had a minor meltdown and had to be told to get a grip (thank you Char) she LOVED it...

Eating with Grandad...


Daddy home early enough for dins...

"Mummy had yoghurt earlier... YOGHURT! You expect me to slum it with shepherds pie after the dizzying height of YOGHURT!?!"

The point IS family. Not just in a "I'm feeling all sentimental after a bad day" kind of way but in a practical, logistical, making tea 8 times a day, showing sympathy when your own patience is low and paying it all back kind of way. If it's not family then what is the point...?


  1. Love her look in the photo! It will be a great visit, and yes, family is the point.

    Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

    1. Hi Lori! Thanks for stopping by! I think was all like "shouldn't you be at work???" lol :D

  2. She is so adorable and you have made me nostalgic for so many special "baby" moments like the crawling up the leg move. Your photos are also absolutely beautiful...I enjoyed this story through photos! xx - Monica

    1. Ah thank you Monica! Lovely I could take you back to your baby days! Thanks for stopping by :D


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