Thursday, 4 October 2012

First Jeans...

Baby Euna put her first jeans on yesterday. Feels like a big deal. I had put anything denim off until this point under the justification that denim feels thick and stiff. I even left a denim dress that was given as a gift totally unworn. 

Well here she is, they're not Levi, they're Sainsburys, they had 25% off all clothes. But still...

Feels a little like a milestone. Makes me think about her being a little girl, then a big girl. A big girl telling me she NEEDS new jeans and they have to be from some shop I right now think is hideous but over the next ten years they come back into fashion and I've already told her too many times I remember when this shop was fashionable the first time around.



  1. Too cute. (: i am your newest follower from the hop. (:

    1. Hi Mrs_V820! Great to have you following! :D

  2. OMG! She is sooo cute! New follower from the hop :)

    1. Hi tinyheat! Thank you, I think so too! Great to have you following! I hope you enjoy it here :D


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