Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I LEFT her!

I have never left Euna. ("Not even for a couple of hours?" everyone asks) Not even for a couple of hours. I went to the hairdressers once when she was 3 months old, but I made Steve sit around his Dad's because that's less than five minutes away from the hairdressers. I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't "good for me". I hated every second and I came very close to telling the hairdresser just to shave my head so I could leave.

7.5 months now and whilst I still don't feel like I "need a break" or want to leave, there is something else I want to do. That something is a photography course and apparently it's unreasonable to ask the college to change the time of the course to incorporate my baby's bedtime.

So from here on in Tuesday night is Photography Night for Mummy and alternating Daddy or Nanny Bedtime Night for Euna.

How long since I was last out alone? So long it took me half an hour to find my handbag. So long that inside said handbag there was a jar of Raspberry Leaf Tea capsules. So long I can't remember a time when I went out with SUCH a small handbag?! I mean really! It's TINY! So tiny my current purse doesn't fit inside it!

Very uneventful story short is that it was fine. The course was all admin and icebreakers this week as you'd expect on a first week. The people were lovely. I felt ok. Missing a limb, but ok. I don't think saying goodbye to her for even a moment is ever going to feel good but I did it.

Now just to become a rich and famous photographer with an at home studio and I'll never have to leave again! HOORAH!

1. I am now ready to leave baby A at night (let's not get ahead of ourselves during the day just yet).
2. Daddy is very capable with the bedtime routine, despite popular opinion Steve is probably not trying to kill our baby. Must remember this when I am reminding him 85 times a day that there is a soft spot on top of her head.
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  1. You sound so much like me it isn't funny! I HATE leaving my children. I have done it though, for purely selfish reasons. I know - horrible mother award right here. I would leave my daughter with her father, I knew he was nervous of being alone with her but would be fine, just to get my nails done. Then #2 came and at 7 months I left both girls with their auntie to go to a movie. I hated every minute that I was away, it was my first time leaving #2 ever. Sadly, I don't know that I have left them again in a year and probably won't for quite awhile (mainly b/c we just moved and know no one).

    Hope it gets a little easier and that you enjoy your class.

    1. Ha ha! I think it sounds like you were MORE than due just a couple of selfish trips! Hope you are settling in wherever you are! :)

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  3. My son is 5 months now and the longest I have left him was about3/4 hours but he was asleep during this time so it's not like he noticed but I just couldn't relax even though he was with his dad.

    1. 5 months! They're so close! I have been out for a full night (well 3 hours) sine this and it was fine, I think because I left it until I was FULLY ready, I didn't let people push after that initial time. Just leave in your time and I am sure you will appreciate it more :D


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