Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blocks and Ponytails!

A little light relief after the last couple of posts.

This is her new favourite game, build a wooden block tower and she HAS to destroy it! Where ever she is and whatever she's doing will be interrupted to take the tower down... First signs of a wee anti-capitalist anarchist? Her father will have a heart attack... THAT'S MY GIRL!

In other news... WE HAVE HAIR! I was so excited to see what I thought was a full head of hair when she was born... In actual fact it was SOME hair covered in all sorts of other goop and "stuff" and it all washed out within a fortnight. BUT the hair race is back on and it looks like we're on the homeward straight to hair clips, ponytails and plaits! YEY!


  1. I have three, the 2 boys had lots of hair and of course my little girl same thing had none! I was dying to put her hair in ponytails.

    She'll get there :)

    1. Thanks Mercedes! Look out for the "BLOODY PLAITS AGAIN! CAN I SHAVE HER HEAD?!" post is a year or two... ;)

  2. It soo interesting on how the rate of hair growth varies for each baby. Our son only grew hair on the top of his head but none on the sides. He had a full fledged mohawk for his one year natural. A friend's daughter is only 3 weeks younger was in the beginning stages of her hair growth. Mercedes said it, she'll get there.

    1. How interesting! We laugh all the time because my hubby and his sibling had NO hair till they were 2 years old! His mum tells me she didn't mind with the boys but with the girls she wanted to glue bows to their heads LOL! ;)


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