Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Nursery!

Here it is! Baby bump's own room, if you detect a sense of pride well I have to be honest... I do feel quite proud. It's been a real labour of love and it's such a great space to chill in whilst we wait for baby. I can't help but drop in after Euna is in bed... Sit in the chair. Think about another little one's babyhood. Think about nursing. Think about little clothes and swaddling blankets. Touch the fabrics and the painted woods. Imagine a little girl. Then imagine a little boy.

Wondering... Anticipating... Waiting...

Here, take a nose!

The cot, my cot, now baby's cot, a big piece of family history for baby to sleep in...

Ikea armchair, Ikea rainbow cushion and Widgey nursing pillow (old design, bought 2 years ago for feeding Euna, total non-essential)...

From the door, one day soon I'll walk in and see this but with a baby in there...

Made with love...

Walls are Dulux "Wellbeing"...

Matching handmade bunting using fabric bundles from Ebay...

Emile et Rose moses basket, a total luxury splurge from last time and I am so excited to wake up with this next to my bed again...

Jojo Maman Bebe rainbow blanket (beautiful gift), rabbit comforter from our French holidays and a Sophie Giraffe Teether (an essential so I hear)...

I saw one of these on a blog I love last year and promised myself we would 

Introducing Pink Cheeks Studios, the home of Nichol Brinkman's innovative and beautiful handmade and personalised soft toys, pillows and baby mobiles...

Every piece is a one off and this is her very own Family Us design... 

Euna looking over her little baby sibling as he/she sleeps...

Baby A and guess who...?

There is nothing better than a handmade gift and we couldn't be more in love with this very special hand-crocheted blanket from my wonderful friend over at Thursday's Child Friday's Thoughts...

Insert baby toes here...

Old wardrobes upcycled with love by my very skilled Uncle at The Blue Goose...

Mismatched handles from ebay and Ikea...

Bespoke baby change unit from my Mum, also from The Blue Goose and Drona storage baskets from Ikea...

Baby we love you and we wait for you... You are so so welcome xxx

Check out my Pinterest Nursery board to see what inspired me!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Simply beautiful! I love the yellow crib!

    Blessings, Ashley

  2. Beautiful and fun - you did a great job.
    Next - a little one to enjoy the space with you!!

  3. Such a beautiful nursely ... Your baby is surely awaited and welcomed to the Family!

  4. I love the crib and all the handmade items. This baby is already so loved! I adore all the thought and time and love in handmade items put into this the fun colors! Precious and lovely.

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous nursery! It will be a lovely space for your baby! Have a great weekend!

  6. The cot is gorgeous and I love the colours you've used. Your photographs look like they're straight from their own Pinterest inspiration board! Enjoying the Small Things is a favourite of mine too:) Looking forward to hearing happy news about the arrival of your little on.

  7. What a darling room! I love the crib and the art! What a lucky baby!

  8. What a gorgeous room! So light and full of love! The mobile is incredible!

  9. What a sweet post! I hope baby can look back at this one day and see how much they were anticipated and hoped for!

  10. What a beautiful and cheerful place to welcome your babe.

  11. Oh my!!! I LOVE this nursery, all the colors, and so peaceful. And, I didn't know there were so many different ways to photograph a baby's room. Just beautiful!

  12. I LOVE the room! It's beautiful. Visiting from Simple Things Sunday.

  13. What a precious space to bring baby home to! :)

  14. Oh this is just a wonderful nursery for your baby! Love all of the details and love that went into the space. What a blessed babe!

  15. Wow. One of the best nurserys I've seen in a while. So simple yet so full of whimsy. Everywhere you look is a pop of colour, but not overwhelming. Bravo Bravo! I love the apple stamp canvases - I am going to keep that in mind for a fun activity when mine is a bit older.

  16. Oh how beautiful! I saw these adorable paper hot air balloons that I've been waiting to share with someone. I think they may be cute hanging in front of a window or something,

  17. This is such a gorgeous room, and I love how every aspect of it is clearly created with so much love and eager anticipation.

  18. I recognise the widgey pillow - we have the same one :-) How sweet are the apple canvases? Such a great idea to have something her sister has made in there. Really lovely room - we're moving house soon and I can't wait to re-do my daughter's room x.


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