Thursday, 24 October 2013

38 Weeks

There's little to say about 38 weeks pregnant.

Everything's done. The nursery is finished. Everything is in place for the birth. The house is in a reasonably stable state awaiting the chaos of newborn-ness. We took a final date night out. I've taken pre-emptive hairdressing. (All hail the 5 Pre-Baby Pledges.)

All fronts are quiet. We wait. We speculate. We make guesses and do a lot of imagining. 

Labour could potentially be too far away to allow ourselves too much excitement. Need to taper that because excitement is too quickly followed by impatience. 

I feel a large part of my mind is buried deep down inside my body... Feeling, thinking about feelings, looking for signs, trying in vain make timescales for labour. Is this it? Is this it? Do I remember this from last time? Is this it?

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