Tuesday, 8 October 2013

36 Weeks

Week 36 has been a blur of poorlyness. Tiredness, dizziness, fevers and a lot of tears to the the tune of "I can't do this for another 4 weeks!" 

A trip to my GP and a short 24 hours in to some magical tablets and I am on the mend. Phew! 

Whilst shrouded in the haze of poorly self pity I have been getting on with exciting birth planning. We're planning a home birth and that was booked with the midwife on Wednesday. She read through my birth plan and we spent a lovely 20 minutes discussing the big event and I got so excited I had to wipe a tear away. It's not that I don't remember how bloody painful labour is, it's just that this time I know how worth it it is. Come what may, this time I know what that love is and that as long as we're all healthy in the end I will sit there and be ready to do it all hundred times for that little pink squiggly bundle.

Final preparations are needed now. Food, back up hospital bag, choosing baby's first outfit, a last glance at the name books and reacquainting myself with the breast-pump and other newborn paraphernalia. 

Then around those domestic chores it's all about me! I'm tackling Pledge 3 from my 5 Pre-Baby Pledges and focusing on myself. I started with a shopping and lunch trip at the weekend with Mummy Rawles and will continue next weekend with a delicious spa day! 

See you on the other side of term wonderful readers! Eeeee! :D :D :D 

As it's been a while since a side shot... 

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