Sunday, 27 October 2013

39 Weeks

Dear Baby,

I don't want to write another one of these. I don't want to spend another week not knowing you. I don't even want to spend another day not knowing you. You will be the (joint) biggest love of my life and I don't want a second more of my time spent without you. You are so welcome, so anticipated and so loved. You should be here with us now. Your life is waiting, come live it Baby!

I know I'm so blessed for this pregnancy and if you must linger on in there I will be grateful for every moment of it... But still Baby... There's so much for you here. There's air and colour and people and growing and learning and everything wonderful in life starts from there.

We can't promise much but we can promise love. Bucket loads of love, hurled at you from all directions until you get fed up with it, grow up and tell us it's embarrassing... And beyond. ;)

Come safely. Come quickly. 

Come on Baby! 

Love Mummy xxx

Ni Hao Yall


  1. You are so darling! I love your hat and scarf, too! :) I hope baby comes soon...but rest up in the meantime. New follower (adding you to my bloglovin feed). -Andrea

  2. Love the pictures. You are such a cute preggers. So close!!!

    Thank you for linking to the Raising Imperfection link party.
    We feature our favorites on Friday so please come back to see if you were featured :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. You look beautiful! Hang in there! Soon baby will be here! Hope your delivery goes smooth.

  4. That last photo is so precious. Best of luck to you. Not much longer now!

  5. So cute. Lovely post** I find myself wondering when I'm on Instagram if u have had your baby yet as so used to see ur bump pics now. How exciting!! X


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