Friday, 4 October 2013

35 Weeks

I want to do two things at 35 weeks pregnant:

I want to eat.

And I want to sit on the sofa.

I want to be horizontal and feeding. That's it. Now how much of that do you think my 19 month old is sympathetic towards? Yeah... None of it. She's a two foot tall scoff-stopping and movement-enforcing machine, sent to disturb many many a precious moment where I plan to sit and scoff.

In addition to this I have the very loud and very convincing voice of "Mummy Guilt" in my ear telling me on loop how limited our one to one time is and how I should be making the most of it (well I did pledge in my 5 Pre-Baby Pledges). So this week has been an exhausting blur of soft play, farm trips, Nanny visits, crafting, baking (shudder... more about that later), sensory play, zoo trips, swimming... You name a baby activity and we have owned it this week. So guess what? I'm shattered. Broken infact. I'm an exhausted, broken mound of pregnant mummy. 

"Making the most of my time with Euna"? Check. Double check. Now it's time to slow it all down. Because there is a point where you can be trying so hard to enjoy something, that you end up not enjoying it and that's where we ended up at the end of this week. Quality time will have to be less about feeding the giraffes and more about reading her favourite book on the sofa as many times as she likes. Call it a pledge footnote for 36 weeks onwards. 

One more week, then we're talking TERM. THE window...

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