Tuesday, 1 October 2013

34 Weeks

This is a good week. The excitement just keeps building. I still can't fathom where thirty-four weeks have gone or where this huge belly has come from, but I am no longer freaked by the swift passing of time and pregnancy. Instead I'm all excitement, focused and finally feeling on top of the to do list that was plaguing me for so long. Everything I do to prepare from here on in is from my bonus "I'll totally high 5 myself in a few weeks if this is done" list.

Ah sweet-nesting-hormone-cleansing batch cooking and decluttering... How I heart thee (once you're done, in the midst of the process I kind of hate you and throw tantrums).

All eyes are on the birth now. We finish our hypnobirthing course next week and I am so happy to report it's doing it's job to get us both positive, relaxed and focused. I am totally addicted to watching hypnobirthing videos on You Tube... This birth WILL be uneventful, it WILL be happy, it WILL be in water and it WILL be to plinky plonky music. Positive positive positive.

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