Monday, 13 May 2013

Newborn and New Tricks...

So last week I had the honour of doing my very first real photoshoot. Not for a friend. Not even for a friend of a friend. A real life customer. PAYING for my photography services. *Gulp*

Well customer of mine came in the form of a 7 week old little Lucas. Oh he was scrumptious and hours of selecting, uploading, editing and sorting these pictures has me thinking about newborn days... 24 weeks to go...

24 weeks and what will I have to look forward to...?

The smell. Obviously. Who doesn't love that musky milky eau de baby head smell?

The "mip" noise they make. The "meowwwwwgh" cat like yawn-esc noise. The new cry that's all effort and no real volume. It's silent here right now as Euna naps and I can imagine these sounds filling sound space.
The clenching and stretching fingers. The splay out like ballerinas' fingers and crunch back in till the knuckles go white. Everyone will slip a finger in and exclaim how strong he/she is.

Newborn clothes. Soft comfy cottons. Blankets. Hats. I'll look at them all day everyday and be amazed by their tininess every single time.

Feeding. Long snuggly feeds and this blissed out, milk coma, happy faces they pull after.
Chest sleeping. Contented to be (back) near you and ridding the up-down motion of your chest as you breathe (-in the beautiful head smell from above).

Nighttimes. Yes they're exhausting but in those small hours of the morning it could be so easy to believe you're the only two people awake in the world. The silence. The dark. Snuggled. Whispers and shushing in the night.

Morning smiles. Peering over from your pillow to the best smiles ever. No one has ever looked so pleased to see you (and you only saw them 2 hours ago...)

In other news Euna continues to (relentlessly) grow up. Most noticeably is her ability to communicate. She points at things she wants, places she wants to go and people she wants to hug. She literally laughs out loud to everything that pleases her. She particularly partial to a LOL when she knows she's been cheeky, like if she steals a piece of my toast, unravels a toilet roll or steal my keys out my bag. It's always followed by a cheeky "eh eh eh EH!" 
 Hiking with friends...
 Out in the open...
 Ah blue skies...
 Woahhhh... Leaning tower of Euna...
 "Look, Daddy!"
 Her leaf...
 15!?!?! FIFTEEEEEEN!!! Slow down bumpy!
Love her. Love the bump that's growing. Only too aware that things are only there whilst they're there. Always appreciative.


  1. I love every single thing about this post!!! Beautiful pictures; congrats on your first customer! ;)

  2. you have almost made me want another baby just for all those amazing new born days. it scares me everyday how quickly they grow up. Amy (and euna) are fast becoming proper little people in their own right with very strong ideas of what they do and dont want. where did those newborn days go?! x

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