Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I Found a Lot of Stuff I Love... So Some Other Stuff Got Demoted...

A phenomena of realisation is currently sweeping through my friends and I. I seem to of had the same conversation about half a dozen times with various friends recently.

The realisation is, when we go out, we are no longer the youngest, trendiest out. Now I am sure this must have been true for at least the last 7 years, though it only seems of late that I feel particularly aware of it. I look at them... These thoroughbreds... I marvel at their bang on trend hair, make-up and clothes. I gasp in awe at their endurance in 9 inch heels. I swear when I am stumbling over the bags under eyes home at 11:00pm, painfully aware of the impending 6:00am wake-up, they only look more polished.

High waisted skirts, platforms, false eyelashes and back-combed hair. Whilst I'm not old enough to see these trends as alien, they don't feel like mine. I could buy this stuff, some of it I could even "pull off" but it's not me.

Now it's nothing to do with what these trends are. These girls aren't superwomen. I was them, a while ago. It would be easy to imagine this realisation is about me getting old, frumpy, letting myself go or needing to get out more. But it is not about that.

So I find we can make this a glass half full thing...
I like clothes, I like shopping, I like make-up and I adore having my hair done. I like looking nice and it still makes me feel good. The shift has occurred in that I went and found an awful lot of stuff I love. I love being a mum, I love my family, I love taking pictures, I love being outside and some happy turns of events mean I have an awful lot of friends in my life I love at the moment. Ergo a lot of things got demoted down the list.
I didn't lose anything. I found.

It's reasonably tempting to insert a "I'm a smug mummy who has much more important things to do that be all about my looks" paragraph here. But this is not that either. More so, it's a life time check. A glance at my watch and oh that's what time it is. 

I'm happy to be here.


  1. Found you on the Lovely blog hop - and what a lovely post.

    The pictures are amazing (your little one is gorgeous) but the message is even better. I totally agree that since being a mother my priorities - my loves - have changed too. And that's fine by me!

    Great post :)

    Operation: Be His Mother

  2. Love that baby. She's a doll! I agree with you completely - it's not that we are somehow superior, smug mamas - we just recognize that we are in a different phase of life, living a different passion. Kudos to you for figuring it out before your baby is a teenager! :)
    Stopping in from Her and Nicole's Lovely Thursday hop.


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