Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our first trip ala bambino...

Odds are if you are married with a baby you have friends doing much of the same. So off we pop on Friday to Newcastle for a long weekend for a friends wedding and whilst we're there we decided to see some of my family too.

Here we go... travelling with a baby. Did not expect to be nervous about the prospect of a long car journey with a baby, how hard can it be when they're tied down in a car seat? Well after reading about why you shouldn't keep a baby in a car seat for longer than two hours because its crushes their organs and restricts their breathing I was nervous. Asked about it on a baby forum and consensus seemed that that rule was not applying to one offs and people as a whole are pretty laid back about it. But still... envisaging  5 hours of listening to her scream in protest at being trapped in her much hated car seat and all 3 of us fed up due to 25 degree heat wave... and that's best case scenario providing no one murders us all drink driving the wrong way down the A1!

Breathe. It was fine. Easy infact. The heat meant we left the windows open the night which got us all up super early and we got out the door reasonably efficiently. (Though alas sans my makeup bag.) We managed 3 hours of the journey whilst she slept soundly, stopped for a Little Chef and continued on without so much as a whimper from little one!

We arrive at my Auntie Irene's. She THAT member of the family who does all for all. Generous to a fault and simply adores children. She saved me from near malnourishment with weekly Sunday roasts all through university and quite frankly for these and many other efforts to act as a third parent she's my favourite Aunt and I love her dearly. Hence why Euna Irene is Euna Irene. And from this visit  I am so glad we decided to use it. To use someone's name is such a precious gift to give and I'm so happy we gave it to her.

The rest of the weekend? Well thanks in part to fantastic weather and great company is went brilliantly. Euna's sleeping was a little all over the place and I would blame the weather, lack of blackouts, lots of fuss from a lot of friends and family, two late (11pm) nights and a ton of new sights, smells and sounds to take in. But I'm home a day now and I can safely say she's settled back in to our (albeit very loose) routine with ease. Overall I'm really pleased, I went in thinking there was a good chance this would be more tiring and stressful than enjoyable but the friend was a good one and she made it to my big day needed to return the favour. The reality was it was great! Almost easier than being at home with no cooking, cleaning or washing to worry about!

Lessons on taking newborn away:

  1. BABIES HAVE ALOT OF STUFF! We took 3 holdalls, large nappy wet bag, large (supermarket "bag for life" type) bag for nappies, moses basket, buggy, changing bag and some hanging clothes. 
  2. Take blackout blinds - my Auntie Irene has what can only be described as the "anti-curtain" in her front bedroom window. A white sheet that essentially illuminates MORE light around the room and had Miss A up at 4:30 every morning. 
  3. Away with cloth nappies - fine if you have access to a washing machine. if not I think I still would have lasted the four days but it may have been a lot of poo to sit in a car in 25 degree heat for a 5 hour car journey.
  4. Take less clothes next time - plan every bodies outfits day by day. This will take time out of the deciding and reduce unnecessary luggage, though obviously still would've take a few extra vests and grows for poo and puke emergencies.
  5. DO IT! Don't be nervous and (as always) be aware of the guidelines but be flexible with the to whats suiting you at the time.

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