Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cloth nappies...

I've been putting writing this post off. Cloth nappies are an obsession that started during my pregnancy and I've now become far too enthused to think about where to start with a blog entry...

So I'll just start with a warning; cloth nappies are addictive. If you start using them you may THINK you're making an excellent economical decision that will save your pennies but the chances are you'll get addicted to all the beautiful prints and spend a fortune. You have been warned.

The facts about cloth nappies (as I see it) and answers to common questions;

  1. Yes you wash them. In the machine. 
  2. You don't soak them in some rancid disinfectant and poo soup. If you're pre-weaning you simply throw the nappies (poo and all) in to a (dry) bucket and toss the lot in the machine every other day. If you're weaned and dealing with actual "turds" you use a paper liner and throw it in the loo. 
  3. It's not that time consuming. Time to put a load on = 1 minute. Time to hang them out = 2 minutes. Time spent online shopping for cute patterns = ENDLESS.
  4. Environmental benefits; saving landfill (7 million disposables are thrown in to landfill everyday, in environmentalist terms that equates to a F&*$ LOAD), disposables take around 500 years to decompose, disposables release methane and other toxic chemicals when they decompose, disposables take 1 cup of crude oil to make = unsustainable and it takes 4.5 trees to make enough nappies for each baby.
  5. Economical benefits; obviously there is a HUGE variation in this depending on what brands of both cloth and disposables you are looking at using, plus how are you washing and drying your cloth, are you buying preloved cloth etc. I found this break down pretty good but the short version is you could be looking at around a £1000-£2000 saving per baby! 
  6. There are different types and this is probably the hardest part to get your head around, so therefore the most alienating for new users.
  7. I don't walk around with a nappy bag that smells like poop... I have a magical thing called a wet bag which is waterproof lined and keeps the smells of my dirty nappies in.
  8. THEY ARE EASY! I was told a lot when pregnant I was "brave" and to be honest I did feel scared of committing to them... but they are easy!
So to get you started on some useful reading check out The Nappy Lady who has break downs of how to use and care for nappies and what all the different types.

A few good places to try nappy shopping are Baby Bots, Fill Your Pants (even if just for the comedy name) and The Clean Green Nappy Machine. In the meantime between now and me writing some reviews of the nappies I am using just take a good look at exactly how cute little Euna's cutie bot is in her fluff...

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