Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MY job is harder than YOURS...

I can not ever once remember having a conversation with my husband in which we discussed whose job was the hardest before having a baby. Never once did I say well I have to do planning in the evenings. He never once complained that his commute was longer than mine. We never competed as to who was more tired at the end of the day EVER.

So why oh why are talking like this now? Why does it matter that his job finishes at 5:30pm and mine has no clock off time? Why is he bothered that I get some time to watch tv, write a blog and surf the web when I'm feeding? What difference does it make to either of us how tired the other is? IT DOESN'T! And both of us being an ADULTS we do know this. Yet neither of us can stop making the comments and/or jumping on the defensive when the other makes the comments... why?

I'm posting about it because I KNOW that every couple with children has this conversation. If you say you don't you are lying.

What am I after? What's my motivation? Would I like to be at work and have him stay home? NO WAY. I am 100% confident that I am entirely happy with my decision to be a stay at home Mum. Do I want sympathy? Maybe... who doesn't want acknowledgement for the job they're doing whatever that job is? Do we want it more now our job relates to our children? Is it that whole children = guilt = leaves us feeling vulnerable = we need more reassurance?

In return why is he doing it? Solely response to my comments? Jealous to be missing time with little ones? Complete misconception of what a stay at home parenting role entails?

15 question marks in one post means I am yet to make up my mind, so no lesson learnt here today... just food for thought.

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