Monday, 14 May 2012

Bumgenius V4.0 Pocket Nappy Review...

Here we go must first nappy review. After doing some reading on some other Mummy blogs I've decided I'm going to try and keep these reviews short and sweet. After trying to find a review of a Charlie Banana nappy a week ago I realise that all people want to know is what is this nappy good for, would you recommend it, pricing (inc where to buy) and any pitfalls.

So we're going to start on a high... BUMGENIUS V4.0. Emphasis on the GENIUS. These are brilliant nappies, fact. Euna is now 9 weeks old, been in cloth for 7 and thus far I am yet find a better nappy. 

Main features constituting such an awesome nappy...
  • Pocket nappy - means it's like a waterproof shell, with fleece inside and has a pouch for stuffing with inserts and boosters depending on your preference and needs. No complicated folding (which translates to Daddy friendly in this house). This nappy comes with two inserts and I am yet to need more than one.
  • Birth to Potty size - they popper down the front and in at the waist to the correct size. Euna was probably 9lb before I put her in this nappy so I can't comment on how it would do a smaller baby but it fits her great. I am yet to have a leak in one of these of the yellow or brown variety and I have had her in these for up to 6 hours, though usually change at least every 3 in the day.
  • Popper close - I chose poppers after reading Aplix fares less well after a period of time and poppers are harder for baby to open once they are able. It does make for a trickier close as unless you want to squish your baby you have to put a finger behind the popper to pop it closed but they work well.  
  • QUALITY - the outer fabric is soft but structured. It just FEELS sturdy and well made. More than any of my other stash (consisting of Fuzzi Buns, Rumparooz, Little Lamb and Blueberry) I really believe this nappy will last her birth to potty and perhaps even subsequent babies. The structure of this nappy also makes me believe what I read about cloth nappies promoting good hip development.
See here modelled by my glamorous assistant is the "Lovelace" print... (Note the edible thighs, like Christmas hams! :D)

And here opened out so you can see the inside and insert in "Mirror" print...

 A very standard price for these is around the £15.99 mark. You can get a slight discount for buying in bulk but it seems very few retailers are interested in allowing them to go much lower than the fixed £15.99. In terms of cloth nappies this price seems middle of the road, a pound or two up from Fuzzi Buns, on par with Tots Bots and Rumparooz and a pound less than Blueberry's funky patterns. I bought mine from Fill Your Pants on account of the price (£15.99), free delivery and comedy name.

Cons? Apart from a little lacking in creative prints (and I only suggest this because I would like to justify buying more but the funky Blueberry and Rumparooz patterns have seduced me away) there are none. It's a great nappy and you NEED one. I would particularly recommend to someone who wants to try out cloth nappies for the first time as I don't really believe you can go wrong.

Side note - if you watch eBay veeeeery carefully bargains can be found on occasion. I am currently awaiting 5 BNWT (brand new with tags), in white, Applix fastening and free delivery for... (drum roll) £36!!! £7.20 each! Winner.


  1. A few weeks on have you still found these nappies to be great? I have been using cloth for just over a year and am FED UP with the consistent leaks. I mostly use(d) Close Parent Pop-Ins.

  2. Seriously can't recommend them enough... we're about 3 months in on cloth and they are my total "go to" nappy... flipping bomb proof and neeeever leak! I also have the Bumgenius Freetime which are an All in One nappy (so don't need stuffing) and they are brill. I have some Fuzzi Bunz, Blueberrys and Rumparooz and they are all ok but I would also definitely recommend Little Lambs Bamboos for night time. These come as a two parter (they need a water proof wrap over the top) and there are some really great deal on with them at the mo! Little lady sleeps 12 hours through and never leaks out of them :D x


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