Thursday, 31 January 2013

Would You?

Would you post pictures of your child naked on the Internet?

Side note: I have a HUGE girl crush on Kelle Hampton from Enjoying the Small Things. Of course I do. Who (in the know on the mummy blogging world) doesn't? She's an inspiring writer, photographer, mother, human being... etc. If Kelle and I were at school together I'd be her frumpy try hard friend who scuttled around after her saying stuff like "I love your hair" "I'd never suit a top like yours" "you don't even have to wear make up!" Do I sound pathetic enough yet?

*Clears throat to adjust voice back down from high teenage whine*

A couple of weeks ago Kelle (I'm gonna dive right in and put us on first name terms) put a picture on her Instagram feed of her daughter naked. Did you whistle in a sharp intake of breath? Well more than a few people did because there was a riot on her comments.

Now... Why? Because bad people with bad thoughts trawl the Internet. Because her daughter isn't old enough to choose if she wants to be put on the internet naked. Because nudity is for private places. Because it's exploitation.

Yes you could argue it is those things. However there's a very big part of me that first goes... "BEAUTIFUL! SQUIDGY TOT BOT!" Then as I realise "woah there sugar puffs! This is on the Internet!" and I think good for you. Good for us. Good for everybody that there is a little corner of the web that isn't suspicious or corrupted. A little corner where someone trusts 100% that there are more good people than bad people in the world. One of the last places in this world where a babe in the tub is just a babe in the tub.

So naivity verses idealism is it?

Being led by fear or leading by example? Endorsing a form of terrorism or setting our best foot forward and being the world we want to live in and hoping everyone else follows suit?

Worst part of this is I am a complete hypocrite. I believe in posting naked pictures of your child on the internet as you would of them clothed. I believe it is good. I believe acts of faith in people like this keep the world from becoming a very horrible place. I believe the vast majority of people would squeal at my Euna's scrumptious bottom and coo and smile and screw the others. (A rare act of bad language but I really mean it...) Fuck them. I will not live my life differently because of fear...

... but I will. I'm not where I want to be yet. I want to have that much faith in people, but I don't yet. Hypocrite. Like before you have children and you swear your child will eat what their given or go hungry. Then you see your baby hungry and it's not cool.

This is the learning lessons blog. I'm still learning and this is a contentious topic. In time I'll decide where I am...  Do you know where you are?
Nuby sippy-cup giveaway coming sooooooon...
Remember Little Amy's fingers and toes? Here's little Amy's smiley face (eee!)...

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