Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January is the Month of Hot Drinks...

She's growing up too fast. I know I'm far from both the first and last mother to complain about this but she really is. She's weeks away from her first steps and her first birthday. Tragic. Slow down baby girl!

In the meantime I'm consumed by all things domestic: decluttering, sorting, tidying and packing for the big move. Though that sentence makes me sound much more productive than I am. The reality is I have started about a thousand jobs, finished none and made a huge mess. Now every time I get a spare moment (nap times) I collapse with tea and Pintrest on the sofa and dream of this magical new home that will "hey presto" itself to perfection if I just created pretty enough boards...

Oh January... How your chilly, grey, coma consumes me. I have decided if December is the month for festivities and February is the month for love, then January is the month for hot drinks. Nothing herby or fruity either. Hot, milky, comforting tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Maybe Ovaltine. 


  1. Charlie she is so cute! Here's to another cup of warm tea!


  2. I'm having a hot drink right now! Snow day in Iowa, love it! Babies in stripes.....I melt. She is too cute!


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