Friday, 25 January 2013


The festivities of snow enforced chaos have melted away and I'm sitting here altogether quite glum. January is a funny old month. Essentially it is inevitable to have to ride the down wave after the Christmas highs. Plus the dark nights, cold weather and down time indoors start to wear thin. Glum, glum, glum.

Glum and restless. Prickly. Impatient. I'm waiting for a lot of things at the moment and "all in good time" has never been my mantra. No, not in good time, in my time. I want to make things happen when I want them and I'm getting prickly staring at the walls and waiting.

In addition I feel more than a little impatient with people. I understand that having a baby must come with a certain amount of tolerance for the constant stream of unrequested advice. When I am feeling less January-prickly I even empathise with the givers of advice and opinions in relation to how I bring up my child. I now understand what a gargantuan experience being a parent is and no one goes through such an experience without becoming emotionally involved with the politics of it. Ergo when it comes to babies/children/parenting not one of us can keep our gob shut.

That said... People need to do it away from me at the moment if it's referring to me breastfeeding my baby. I need to not hear once more that incredulous exclamation "you're still breast-feeding!" Yes I am. She's a baby. How dare you suggest this is anything other than all good things for my child.

Now I've expelled that demon I need to write back to happy. Not only are the January blues inevitable after the Christmas high but they are essential for the Spring time buzz. We have to pay our dues for the amount of awesome coming our way. More light. More sun. More bounce. More colour. Less clothes.  Right now we're just working for it. Whetting our appetites and working up an appreciation.


Need to switch perspective and make it feel good, like the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves montage. Don't let the January-prickle run too deep or too personal, we're just paying our dues ready for better things.


  1. Those January prickles get to the best of us! And I hear you on the breastfeeding comments - it still amazes me how weirdly people respond to nursing babies, like society has forgotten that its the most natural thing in the world.

  2. hi! im stopping by fro, the blog hop! would you like to follw each other? please let me know :)



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