Saturday, 1 March 2014

Working Girl!

First up! I am experiencing teeeerrible technical difficulties here so sorry for the gaps between posts! Long story short... Apple is not my friend right now.

Anyway besides the technical faults, the photography has been keeping me more than busy! I'm bussing through everyday with the two wee-ones and every evening is an editing and formatting fest... Its a good kind of busy, obviously there are fates far worse than staring at scrunched up brand new babies all evening and I've got a couple of quid earned by my own fair hands and it feels good.

I'm still riding a real roller coaster of self-confidence with this, so it's probably best to not have a huge amount of time to be thinking about it too much. Just need to keep reminding myself there's no shame in being on a learning curve. As much as I'd only like to be putting myself out there once my photography is at a higher standard I'm just not going to get there without throwing myself in to it now... Big deep breathes.

So whilst I sink back behind my pile of editing here's a few of what I've been doing this week... :D

Happy weekend! :D

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